What is penetrating damp

What is penetrating damp (pd)? Penetrating damp, or water ingress, is when moisture permeates through a property’s walls from the outside. This can be from blocked or leaky guttering, broken pipes, roof defects or abutting garden walls / flowerbeds.

Unlike rising damp it can occur at any level within the property and affects walls, ceilings and roofs. Also, unlike rising damp, penetrating damp can affect properties of any age with solid brick or stone walls. Though newer properties with cavity walls are less likely to encounter this damp issue.

Visible signs of pd include:

  • Damp patch or patches on internal wall
  • Discolouration paintwork or wallpaper
  • Peeling / flaking of paintwork or wallpaper
  • Moss growth
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Regular maintenance such as clearing gutters and fixing leaks will identify problems before they get out of hand. But if serious ingress occurs because of building defects, such as cracks in the render, an external damp proof wall treatment may be necessary. Your local damp specialists TDT Preservation can advise.


If you suspect you have some kind of damp problem, but aren’t sure how to fix it, then call TDT Preservation. Established in 1967 we’re professional damp specialists who can be relied on to identify the problem and provide damp solutions where necessary for your property. Our damp proofing experts (d.p.e) operate in Somerset and throughout the South West treating residential as well as commercial, public and national trust properties. Jump online and Book a Survey today or call us on 01761 416 728.

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