How to treat rising damp

It’s important that the causes of rising damp are correctly identified so it can properly treated. If the fundamental causes of the problem aren’t addressed, then the damp will resurface. A quick-fix by painting or re-plastering is ignoring a larger problem, and one which will be more expensive in the long term.

If your home doesn’t have an existing damp proof course, then a damp proof course can be installed. This is done by drilling holes horizontally in both sides of the wall and injecting damp proofing materials into the walls. This material disperses to create a waterproof barrier to stop the capillary action of water rising through the masonry.

If you already have a damp proof course that is being breached by a structure and that you can’t move, then you can install new damp proofing above the structure instead.

Timber Decay Treatment are damp proofing experts (d.p.e), the damp proofing injection materials we use are covered by certificates issued by the British Board of Agrément and BSI.


If you suspect you have some kind of damp problem, but aren’t sure how to fix it, then call TDT Preservation. Established in 1967 we’re professional damp specialists who can be relied on to identify the problem and provide damp solutions where necessary for your property. Our damp proofing experts (d.p.e) operate in Somerset and throughout the South West treating residential as well as commercial, public and national trust properties. Jump online and Book a Survey today or call us on 01761 416 728.

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