How to treat penetrating damp

How to solve pd? Depending on the severity of your penetrating damp problem, you may be able to nip it in the bud with some DIY tips. First you need to identify where the water is entering the property so do some scouting around to see if anything looks broken, damaged or poorly installed.

Make sure you check the following potential property problems so you can eliminate them as being the culprit:

  • Roof – check for missing slates or cracked tiles
  • Gutters/pipes – check for leaky, broken or blocked gutters / downpipes
  • Masonry – check for cracked or damaged pointing
  • Rendering – check for cracks
  • Windows/doors – check for poor installation and faulty seals
  • Chimney breast – check for damp patches
  • Porous walls – check for ageing bricks
  • Plumbing – check for puddles, leaks and drips.
  • Damp proof course – damage to existing DPC.
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Once you’ve identified the moisture source you can go about rectifying the issue. This may require a builder or plumber if the problem is beyond your DIY skills. Your local damp specialists will also be able to take a look and suggest a course of action to cut off the moisture supply and prevent further water ingress.

Hold off on any repair works until the property has had a chance to dry out so you can see if there is any noticeable damage. You may want to get a professional opinion from TDT Preservation if you think there could be black mould growth or dry rot.

If you get the all clear then you can repair damaged plaster and repaint. If not then the black mould will need to be carefully removed and/or undergo timber rot treatment. Remember, the longer you leave a penetrating damp problem, the more expensive it is to repair.


If you suspect you have some kind of damp problem, but aren’t sure how to fix it, then call TDT Preservation. Established in 1967 we’re professional damp specialists who can be relied on to identify the problem and provide damp solutions where necessary for your property. Our damp proofing experts (d.p.e) operate in Somerset and throughout the South West treating residential as well as commercial, public and national trust properties. Jump online and Book a Survey today or call us on 01761 416 728.

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