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TDT specialise in the conversion of cellarage, or basement space, into living accommodation in addition many older properties have external walls where the internal floor levels are below the external grond levels, these walls are generally described as soil bearing.

There are also many situations where the internal floor levels between adjoining properties vary and where internal floor levels vary within a property.

Some properties with basements have pavement bridges or vaulting abutting the walls at ground floor levels.

In all these situations moisture, from within the ground, can enter the walls due to lateral penetration or in some cases by hydrostatic pressure.
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In such positions an injected damp proof course is an unsuitabl method of damp control.

To prevent moisture penetration it is necessary to provide a waterproof barrier, this is generally referred to as Tanking or Structural Waterproofing.

TDT Preservation can offer a number of different structural waterproofing systems to suit the varying needs of individual situations.  Our Qualified Surveyors will be pleased to discuss these with you.

Our Qualified Surveyors will visit the site, inspect the problem and offer a suitable damp control method.  It should be noted that ideally external ground leves should be no higher than 150mm below internal floor levels and if external ground levels can be reduced, this should be the first option.

Improved land and rainwater system drainage should also be considered.  Often, old underground rainwater drains become silted up and rainwater colected from gutters etc is discharged through the downpipes into mysterious holes in the ground only to add increased water into the soil which eventually shows itself in the form of damp on the internal wall faces.  Land which slopes down to a wall with no reliving lateral drain can add significantly to wet walls.

The client or his builder should address themselves to improving such situations.  Structural waterproofing can only improve the environment within the building, it cannot provide an entire solution, this can only be achieved by correct design, difficult, we appreciate, on buildings constructed centuries ago.

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