Eradication of Dry Rot

TDT's Surveyor will attend to accurately identify the fungus, this is very important as we do not wish to involve our clients in unnecessary works.

TDT will also investigate and identify the cause or causes or the outbreak.

Once the nature and extent of the outbreak has been established TDT's Surveyor will provide the client with a report which details the schedule of recommended works.

Effective treatment of dry rot will necessitate the removal of affected building fabric. 

It will be necessary to hack off any plastwork in the area, to expose the pattern and extent of the growth.

Built-in timberwork will be removed, as will affected joinery, timber floors etc.

When the exposure and preparation work has been completed TDT operatives will then drill holes into the masonry or brickwork and introduce a sterlizing solution to kill the hyphae that penetrate the masonry joints.

TDT do not consider there are any short cuts to the effective treatment of dry rot growth.  It is important that the factors causing the growth are attended, however our experience is that unless the radical measures we have described above are undertaken dry rot growth will usually continue.

Reinstatement of the building fabric must be carried out in accordance with TDT's recommendations.  It is therefore usually preferable that TDT also undertake this section of the work.
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